Waxed Wood Mirror Details

Style Information:

Color: Waxed Wood. Soft, white-ish, natural, and rustic. We used a non-toxic recycled wax. The wood is called Douglas Fir and is saved from old fences, barns, and houses in California. There are some beautiful waxed knots and old nail holes in the wood to enhance the rustic feel. This piece is unique, even within the Brighams style.

+ Unique - Only One Piece In Stock.

Our furniture pieces are never the same. Each piece's natural, rustic style is too rich and complex to fully recreate, so don't wait too long or you'll miss out! That being said, we can build a another piece later with the same dimensions, and try for the same color and materials, but they still won't be exactly the same.

+ A Brighams Originals Piece.


    This mirror is 60" tall, 36" wide, and 3 ½" deep. The wooden edges/border is 5 inches thick. The mirror's reflective area is 50" x 26" x 2 ¼".

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