Rustic Stepback Hutch

  • This piece was inspired by a natural kitchen, a happy family, and a warm hearth. We like to imagine this hutch in a small log cabin in the woods, enjoyed by a vacationing family as they prepare a meal.

    Hutches are often considered the cornerstone of your home. Whether used as an entertainment center for fun occasions, or for storing dinnerware and kitchen essentials, pieces like this help make a house into a home.
  • Color: reddish wood with a zinc clad countertop. Our style is complex and unique - no two pieces are exactly the same. Handmade with reclaimed Douglas Fir wood saved from old buildings in California. We almost always use recycled materials. Our signature steel bands, "turn" lock, and strap hinges enhance the rustic look.

    Features: removable shelves. Fits most 4k TVs. Our furniture is built to last a lifetime!

    Dimensions: 72 ¼" tall, 44 ½" wide, 20 ¼" deep.
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